Wednesday, July 1, 2009

End of the Year Report

I was encouraged to complete an annual report from my Rutgers classes. Joyce Valenza shared her report through Twitter and I was just amazed. Dianne McKenzie wrote about the importance of creating these reports on her blog. I wholeheartedly agree with her reasons. She asked for other librarians out there to share there reports, so I am bravely answering her request. At the end of her blog post is a site she set up for all librarians to post their reports.
For my annual report, I collected student and teacher data from surveys I developed through Zoomerang. Questions for the surveys were based on research articles from my Rutgers class and conversations with classmates. I used my Destiny software and Titlewave resources to help gather collection statistics.
The process was time consuming, yet so beneficial. I feel I have a strong foundation on which I can build from year after year. Thank you Dianne for creating this valuable network tool. I already see things that I will include in my report for next year. Learning from each other will make our profession stronger and will benefit our students.
My report can be found at


Alice in Infoland said...

WOW! What an excellent and comprehensive report!
May I use it as an example with my current students?

MrsE said...

Very impressive for a first report! The graphs were effective and we know how administrators love data. I'll be asking my tech dept. if our system can produce something similar. I love the feedback from staff and students, very positive. Glad you took the time to add it to the Google list. Thanks! Lesley Edwards aka bookminder

Amy said...

Alice ~ Absolutely. What a compliment!
Mrs. E ~ Thank you for your kind words!