Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Layout of My Library

I love my school's library! The wood furniture, cream walls and green carpet compliment each other nicely. There are some beautiful murals on the walls of story book characters, season murals on support polls and quotes about reading on the walls. There are these beautiful skylights throughout most of the ceiling that let in amazing light. However, the circulation desk is directly under the sunlight and this causes some problems.
#1. It's too hot sitting under the skylights.
#2 The computers need to be covered by a patio umbrella because the sunlight casts a glare on the screens.
The other problem with the circulation desk is that is faces the entry of the media center. This is welcoming, but you are not able to see children behind you as you check out and return.
So, I set about getting the circulation desk moved. My husband came out and measured the entire library and its contents. He then created a foam board map of the library with cut outs of the furniture. This way I will be able to visually present the new layout to my principal and key administration.

These are some articles and books that I have been reading that I found helpful in what a Media Center should look like.

OELMA Ohio Educational Library Media Association

New on the Job: A School Library Media Specialists's Guide to Success
New on the Job: A School Library Media Specialists's Guide to Success by Ruth Toor and Hilda K. Weisburg

Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future
Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future by Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson

I will be "selling" the idea next week. Wish me luck.


Bert said...

1) Good luck on your Media Library pitch. I'm personally a big believer in using new media to expand a library's reach to kids.

2) I saw you commented on Aaron McCargo's blog and was wondering if you were the Amy (and Andy) that know Aaron from Armadillos Restuarant. If so.. just wanted to let you know that I passed on your message to Aaron and he was surprised to hear me say your names. He asked me to try go get your contact info to pass on to him. My email is bert.snow AT . If you do send an email please put "Aaron" on the subject line.

3) I love the name of your blog but its probably because we're both in that "age group". Mid to late 30s always seems like the appropriate time "to renew". Good luck again on your pitch.

Amy said...

Yes it is me! I am new to blogging and I love it! You were my first comment and I was so excited to see that I had a comment.

I hope to pitch the idea tomorrow. The meeting keeps getting canceled. I do think things will go well.

I believe Andy sent you an e-mail about Aaron. We can't wait to talk to him. We are so thrilled that people are going to get to meet this great guy! We have always wanted him to succeed. He is so talented!

I also like the "Time to Renew" name. I am certainly in a time of renewal right now in all phases of my life.

You sound like a really nice guy. Hope we keep chatting. I love how you added newspaper articles on Aaron's blog. I directed my family and friends there. Keep up the great work.